Monday, 19 October 2020 11:39

The return to the ski resorts in view of Covid-19

Skiing and snowboarding are outdoor sports and it has been proved that they are very beneficial for your health. You are in the fresh mountain air, you are provided with vitamin D and you are moving a lot. That is not only good for your body, but after the restrictions over the last few months, staying in the mountains is also good for your mental health.

Skiing will be a bit different this season. The ski resorts will impose all the necessary measures in every way, so that we can live our favorite sport with the best possible safety. However, we, from our side, must respect these regulations, so that we are all safe and nothing prevents an unlimited ski operation in the winter of 2020/21.

In Greece, the regulations that will apply to the ski resorts have not been announced yet, but let’s see the basic measures that were announced in Austria and that logically will be done in the rest of Europe as well.

  1. Information signs: There will be information signs with Covid-19 compliance instructions at access points to our transport facilities, cable car cabins, restaurants, sporting goods stores and ski depots.
  2. Full face mask: When someone buys a ski card, they will give him a full face mask for free, which can also be used as a protection mask. The full face mask will be mandatory in areas with corresponding signs.
  3. Visitor Management: Visitors will be placed in the waiting areas regardless of applicable legal provisions in such a way as to avoid groups of people standing together as close as possible.
  4. Hand sanitizer: There will be hand antiseptics installed in the cable car facilities and restaurants.
  5. Limited number of people: Reducing the maximum number of people allowed in cable car or lift cabins is not legally required. The allowed capacities, however, will not be fully used if the traffic at the ski resort is low. In cabins and lifts, however, the use of a mask is mandatory.
  6. Disinfection of all cable cars: All cabins should be disinfected several times a day.
  7. Disinfection of surfaces: frequent disinfection in all areas of the ski resorts (toilets, shops, cafes, etc.).
  8. Minimum distances: In restaurants and cafes you must observe the minimum distance between tables and seats, as specified by the authorities.
  9. Digital menus: All food / beverage menus will be provided in digital format. Guests will be able to access them via app applications or via QR-Code directly in restaurants.

It now remains to see the protection measures that will be taken by the ski resorts of Greece. We wish for the best possible organization, so that we have a smooth and safe ski season.

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