Wednesday, 22 December 2021 12:55

EOT: “Greece has a winter too” dynamic campaign for winter tourism

With the central message, “Greece does have a winter” and the motto of the successful central campaign, “All you want is Greece”. The new dynamic campaign of the Ministry of Tourism and EOT highlights the unique beauty of the Greek mainland destinations and the rich experiences that our visitors can enjoy inland. The creative and production of the campaign is kindly sponsored by the Onassis Foundation at the Ministry of Tourism.

This is a campaign focused on the promotion of winter tourism, while highlighting the natural beauty of our country. The activities that compose the tourist product, which Greece has during the winter.

“All you want is Greece”

With the vehicle of the values ​​of authenticity, special identity, Greek tradition and security, the Greek countryside, gastronomy and activities in nature are promoted, in order to get to know the general public, a Greece beyond its islands: Greece of the mainlands.

Our country, the favorite tourist destination of millions of visitors, has already proven to be a top choice for summer vacations. However, Greece is much more than its summer and this is exactly what this campaign intends to highlight.

Greece has a winter too”, announces the young woman, protagonist of the film, who has undertaken a mission not at all easy. To acquaint travelers with the Greek winter and the mainlands, the Greek “mainland areas”, the name that the campaign gave to the mainland. The “continental areas” are many, they differ from each other. But they all offer a wealth of possibilities and experiences to meet every expectation. Bicycle rides on the snowy slopes, paragliding, rafting, but also delicious traditional dishes in the warmth of a hostel, are just some of them!

The 4-month campaign will be updated in real time, depending on the course of the pandemic in the target markets, which include: the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Israel.

In addition, it will be enriched with special creations for the promotion of major urban destinations (Athens-Thessaloniki).


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